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Test Sticks

Test Sticks

SNB Electronic Services Ltd are stockists of a large range of Inspection Equipment Test Pieces

Our test pieces are manufactured from FDA approved, high impact, shatter resistant material which decreases the risk of contamination.  All test pieces provided contain a fully traceable certified ball with a unique certificate number and sphere batch number which can be traced back to source.

All of our test pieces are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity for full traceability

SNB supply the following test pieces:

  • M&S test piece colours
  • Test Sticks
  • Test Balls
  • 20mm Ferrous Ball
  • 20mm Ferrous Test Blocks
  • Test Pucks
  • Pipeline Test Sticks
  • Test Cards
  • Special Test Pieces standard 35mm diameter; other sizes on request

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Types of Test Pieces

All Metal detectors are manufactured to meet the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administrator) regulations and guidelines. That’s why all our test pieces are also produced to such a high standard.

When you receive SNB test pieces, they will arrive engraved with an ID number, allowing the metal sphere to be traceable. Additionally, you will receive a certificate of conformity that will include the test pieces ID and traceable number.

SNB’s test pieces are put through rigorous testing to make sure that our spherical size pieces are precise. We are able to provide your production lines with test sticks for the following metals:

  • Ferrous - Chrome
  • Non-Ferrous – Brass
  • Stainless Steel – 316

These can all be colour coded to M&S colours if required

SNB’s Tips and Advice When Selecting Test Pieces

Most manufacturers have Codes of Practices to work towards. Make sure to check your Codes of Practices as it should advise sensitivities that need to be achieved on your metal detector.

Test pieces can be supplied in different formats to suit the type of metal detector on site. SNB can supply test balls to go through vertical drop metal detectors, test sticks for conveyor metal detectors and other pieces such as cards, pucks and pipeline sticks.

If you require further advice on which test piece size or type to purchase, then you can contact SNB on 01977689555.

How Often Should A Metal Detector Be Tested?

Metal Detectors should be tested at regular intervals. The retailer recommends once every hour with your test pieces, some even recommend every half an hour. This is because if you test your metal detector at 9am and it passes, but at the 9.30am tests it fails, all the product within that half an hour window would need retesting. When conducting these tests, you should pass a test stick with ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel spheres.

To conduct thoroughly, your test pieces should be placed on or in your product so they go through the centre of the aperture. It is required that test sticks travel through the centre of the aperture as this is the weakest point of the metal detector. Testing in the centre will confirm that your test pieces are detectable in all positions.

Top Tip – make sure to test all three test stick types as in some cases your metal detector to confirm full spectrum of detectability.