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SNB design and build robust Metal Detection Systems in line with the latest retailer codes of practice. When choosing a Pharmaceutical Metal Detector System from SNB our aim is for it to meet or exceed key targets specified in your production requirements, engineering and quality standards. SNB Pharmaceutical Systems are designed and built in-house at our Manufacturing Facility in Leeds. Our components such as electrical enclosures or micro-reject devices are manufactured at our Electrical and Engineering Facilities in Luton and Bathgate.

Where Does Metal Contamination Occur in Pharmaceutical Production?

Like other industries, metal contaminants are found at different point of the production process. Examples include:

  •  Contamination from raw materials. This is usually caused by delivery methods or any other tanks and pipelines used.
  • Machinery already on site and used in production. This metal can be introduced through day-to-day operation or even by any maintenance work
  • Any production staff with access
  • Other environmental contaminants such as air, water and other supplied used in the producing process.

Pharmaceutical Metal Detection tends to offer the highest levels of sensitivity within industry. These levels are obtainable due to the small aperture sizes and high operating frequencies of the search heads. Limiting factors for  these systems include throughput, product dimensions and product materials. Suitable applications for Pharmaceutical Metal Detection Systems include but are not exclusive to rework/ high level inspection analysis for rejected material evaluation, confectionery, powders, ingredients and of course pharmaceutical industries.

Our systems are designed to maximise the performance of your Metal Detector. We have experienced CAD Engineers that design all of the Pharmaceutical System, from framework, guarding and all other specified parts such as reject mechanisms. The performance of Metal Detectors can be affected by vibration and movement which causes interference. Our frames are manufactured with 3mm wall stainless steel box or tube section for strength and stability. We assess each application at the design stage and factor in typical requirements for this type of installation with hygiene & mobility being key requirements.

Choices of Pharmaceutical Metal Detection available from SNB include high sensitivity tablet systems for use after a tablet press, upright conveyor systems for bottled applications and vertical free-fall systems for powders.

Key Features of SNB Pharmaceutical Systems

  • Choice of leading manufactured search heads – Ceia, Fortress, Loma, Mettler Toledo Safeline, ThermoFisher Scientific (Goring Kerr)
  • Designed and built to suit your environment and access
  • Choice of bespoke systems
  • Can include reject bin with additional fail safes to ensure retailer codes of practice are achieved
  • Easy strip down and cleaning
  • Designed for stability – less movement – excellent immunity from vibration
  • Hygienic design
  • Network data capture for remote installations or general accountability

Things to Consider when purchasing SNB Pharmaceutical System

  • Environment – may the current operating environment affect the unit? Ex. Any vibrations that may disturb the line 
  • Cleaning – how easy is it to access where the unit will be placed? Will it be difficult to clean?
  • Sensitivity – what has been set as the minimum particle size to be detected?
  • Rejects – how will these need to be dealt with?
  • SNB Validation Unit – do you require a unit able to collect data?

For more information about Pharmaceutical Metal Detection Systems please contact one of our Sales Team