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Metal Detector Conveyor

Metal Detector Conveyor

At SNB we design and build robust Metal Detection Systems inline with the latest retailer codes of practice. We aim to meet and exceed the key targets specified in your production, engineering and quality requirements. SNB understand the differences in industry which is is why we strive to design tailor made equipment.  

Our industry experienced Design Engineers will assess every aspect of the application requirements from framework to conveyor system, as well as reject mechanisms, guarding and retailer compliance. 

SNB systems are designed to maximize the performance of your Metal Detector. In conductive product applications such as meat, poultry and fish sectors, Metal Detection Systems are commonly set to compensate for large product effects and cannot handle vibration at the same time. For instances where this is the case, the performance of your Metal Detector will be affected by vibration and movement resulting in detrimental sensitivity performance. Our conveyor frames are manufactured from 3mm wall stainless steel box or tube section for superior strength. SNB use premium switch gear, belting and ancillary components renowned in the industry. Built at this level SNB systems withstand harsh clean down and challenging environments.  

Other applications for conveyor Metal Detection Systems have additional limiting factors for consideration. Confectionery and snack foods often have high line rates and small pack sizes. SNB design conveyors with high speed drives and needle transfer rollers where applicable to keep line rates beyond 300ppm. Bulk and cross band lines can often run at slow rates and require more powerful drive systems. SNB heavy duty systems can pull in excess of 250kg of product when required. For straight forward bulk applications roller bed conveyors can also be provided.

Choice of Reject System

New Metal Detectors can have any of the following reject systems; Air Blast, Air Kicker, Retract Band, Reject Flap, Diverter Paddle, Overhead Sweep Arm – dual or one shot. Furthermore if your product or application has a delicate nature or complex handling requirement SNB design and build bespoke product handling systems to suit your requirements.

We understand every enquiry is unique which is why we aim to talk through and give advice on all the options available, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.

All SNB Conveyor Systems are designed and built in-house at our manufacturing facility in Leeds. Our components such as electrical enclosures or aluminium platform sides are manufactured at our Electrical and Engineering Facilities in Luton and Bathgate. 

All Systems built by SNB are fully CE marked conforming to the latest machinery directives.

Key Features and Options of SNB Metal Detector Conveyor Systems

  • Choice of leading manufactured search heads – Ceia, Fortress, Loma, Mettler Toledo Safeline, ThermoFisher Scientific (Goring Kerr)
  • Hygienic designs
  • Strong and rigid design – excellent immunity from vibration
  • Heavy duty frame design and drive gear
  • Solid roller construction
  • Any height/ any size/ any length
  • Precision product transfer options
  • Choice of reject options
  • 10mm Poly-carbonate (PETG) clear over-belt guarding as standard
  • Optional 2mm stainless steel over-belt guarding
  • Variable speed as standard
  • Incline/ decline or swan neck systems
  • Vertical lift systems
  • High speed line applications
  • Ceiling suspended systems 
  • Choice of antibacterial feet or castors
  • Modular polypropylene belting
  • Single or twin ply fabric polyurethane belting
  • Optional retailer compliance with easy to use SNB Validation Units
  • Network data capture for remote installations or general accountability

Other inspection systems from SNB include;

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