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Twin Lane

Twin Lane

SNB design and build robust Metal Detection Systems in line with the latest retailer codes of practice. When choosing a Twin Lane Metal Detection System from SNB our aim is for it to meet or exceed key targets specified in your production requirements, engineering and quality standards. All SNB Twin Lane Metal Detection Systems are designed and built in-house at our Manufacturing Facility in Leeds. Our components such as electrical enclosures or aluminium platform sides are manufactured at our Electrical and Engineering facilities in Luton and Bathgate.

The requirement for Twin Lane Metal Detection Systems is becoming increasingly necessary to handle new improved high rate packaging lines. In order to maximize production rates packaging machines are frequently outputting two or more lanes of product in high succession. To keep production rates at their optimum, Metal Detection Systems often have to accommodate these product flows directly after case packers before final cartoning machines. If space is at a premium, preventing the staggering of the lanes for individual Metal Detection Systems, then the SNB Twin and Multi-lane Metal Detection Systems can provide the ideal solution.

On each SNB Twin or Multi-lane Metal Detection System a single framework hosts multiple search heads or a single multiple aperture search head depending on your application requirements. Each lane of product is then individually inspected and rejected with independent fail-safe monitoring. This proves as a far more acceptable approach to retailers than the traditional method of sending multiple lanes of product through a wide single aperture detector, something which can immediately cause difficulty with identifying detected product.

Key Features of SNB Twin or Multi-lane Metal Detector Systems

  • Bespoke SNB Metal Detector Conveyor System
  • Individual product inspection – no group detection
  • Increased Metal Detector performance with smaller aperture sizes
  • Compact footprint
  • Choice of reject options/ or custom made
  • Variable speed as standard
  • Bespoke design to suit your products pitch and line spacing


For more information about what possibilities Twin or Multi-lane Metal Detection can bring to your application, please contact our Sales Team