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SNB Electronic Services have provided service and calibration on Inspection Equipment to packaging manufacturers across the UK for over 20 years.

Packaging production is often high volume with a large degree of automation. Reliability is crucial for Inspection Equipment in this industry as 24/7 production is common place. Due to the manufacturing processes bulk detection at the end of the production line is widely used. Detection levels are frequently challenged for this type of production because the packaging is usually sold to further producers who later inspect individual items at higher levels.

Please contact the SNB Sales Team if you require advice on your specific requirements.

The following types of Inspection Equipment are common place in the packaging industry;

In-line Metal Detector/ Metal Detector Conveyor System

These systems are typically found near the end of the production process prior to final outer packaging.

End of Line Bulk Metal Detector

Bulk Metal Detection Systems are commonly placed after the product has been wrapped and the aperture is usually much larger in size. They can also be found on lines supplying bulk product for further processing elsewhere. Lower levels of detection are normally associated to this type of detector due to the larger apertures.

Freefall Gravity Metal Detection

Inspection Equipment for use with plastic pellets or granules is commonly seen in the packaging industry. Good quality Metal Detection Equipment is critical here as performance can vary dramatically between brands. 

Rental Metal Detector for Packaging Line

Whether you are looking to have a temporary line for Christmas fitted or need a rental whilst your metal detector is being refurbished, SNB Electronic Services can help. In busier periods, many of our packaging customers tend to hire equipment to cope with demand.

We have a variety of metal detector rental units available for customers to hire on a short or long term basis.

To select the right metal detector for your application, we will ask the following:

  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH and weights)
  • Guidelines you currently work towards(SALSA/BRC)
  • The Environment of the Factory

Customers that are able to provide sample packs prior to commissioning and delivery of any units can be receive information on given achievable sensitivities. On the chosen day of delivery and commissioning of your rental unit, our engineer can demonstrate to your operators the basics of the system.

Metal Detectors For Sale

If you are looking for a new metal detector, look no further. Buying a new metal detector could not be easier. Our ‘new build’ process only takes six simple steps:

  • 1) SALES – Our sales team will call and or meet with you to ask questions regarding the products you need inspecting and any expectations from your new metal detectors
  • 2) QUOTE – From the call or meeting, our sales team will send across a formal quote
  • 3) CAD – After everything has been agreed on the quote, our CAD designers will start to design a personalised drawing of your new machine.
  • 4) BUILD – Once you have approved the CAD, our workshop engineers will start to build your new unit!
  • 5) PDI – Near to delivery and completion of the unit, we will invite you in to ‘PDI’ (Pre Delivery Inspection) your system. Giving you the chance to see it before it hits the factory floor
  • 6) DELIVERY – Finally, your unit will be delivered, commissioned and one of our engineers will show operators how to use your new machine. Receive a Quote today from our sales team

Receive a Quote today from our sales team


If you are looking for a metal detector on a budget, why not look have a look at our refurbished stock? We can offer all our refurbished stock on payment terms to suit you; whether it be hire-to-buy or outright purchase. Click below to look at our current stock


For more information on which systems are right for your application, please contact our Sales Team