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Best Sensitivities Checks

Best Sensitivities Checks

At our customer’s request SNB can provide a ‘Best Sensitivity’ exercise for all site Metal Detection, regardless of make or model

Recently added to some retailer specifications the requirement for a 'Best Sensitivity' Check (also known as a BSR) may be requested for your site. Although the structure of the test is nothing new to industry the requirement to have it documented at this level is now necessary for Audit purposes.

This will entail each and every product being set and tested for optimum performance on the customers’ existing Metal Detection Equipment. All limiting factors for sensitivity are detailed and recommendations are put forward to further improve results where possible. Metal Detection Search Heads are extremely sensitive in order to be able to detect the levels commonly seen in today's standards. As a result of this they are susceptible to many influences both internal and external. Limiting factors are detailed in the Best Sensitivity exercise and highlight many areas including, but not limiting to, product effects, application restrictions, environmental influences, search head design limitations and operational errors.  

Our Engineers will require access to each and every product  on the production lines for the duration of testing.

What is the purpose of having Best Sensitivity Checks?

By conducting a best sensitivity on your metal detector, it can help your production with the following:By conducting a best sensitivity on your metal detector, it can help your production with the following:

  • Audit trail sensitivity justification records for new suppliers
  • Compliance to retailer codes of practice (COP)
  • Performance optimisation of equipment
  • Documentation available for Audit purpose
  • Increased understanding of Metal Detection limitations 
  • Further product knowledge for your range of products

What Metal Detectors Can A Best Sensitivity Be Conducted On?

Ever since Best Sensitivity checks were introduced, SNB have been supporting their customers by conducting BSR’s on sites. Our engineers are trained to test for the optimum performance on metal detector brands such as:

  • Fortress
  • CEIA
  • Loma
  • Thermo Fisher
  • Safeline

What Will The Engineer On The Day Need?

In order to conduct a Best Sensitivity on your site, our engineer will need access to:

  • Access to the line(s) with the metal detector on
  • Specific product(s) chosen to be tested for sensitivities

What Happens After A BSR?

After our engineer has been to site, the results from the report will be typed up and sent across for you to keep on file. The report includes the original products set up and (if improved) the optimum product set up. The optimum set up section will detail the metal detectors new properties such as:

  • Threshold
  • Test Pieces Achieved
  • Products Peak Signals
  • Detection Trigger Level

The report can be used for auditing purposes and to help employees to understand the limitations of your specific metal detectors. <2>Differences Between a BSR & Calibration There are a few differences between a BSR and a calibration visit. The main difference is the purpose of a BSR is to test and see whether a metal detector can achieve better sensitivities. Whereas a calibration is more of a MOT for your metal detector, checking that all elements of the metal detector are working correctly and advising where improvements can be made.

How Can I Book A Best Sensitivity?

Booking a BSR couldn’t be easier. You can contact SNB Electronic Services on 01977689555 or email it our office on snb@metaldetector-rentals.co.uk


Please contact our Sales Team on 01977 689555 for further information on the Best Sensitivity checks we can offer for your production