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Combination Systems

Combination Systems

Why Choose a Combination System?

The Combination Unit is normally a Checkweigher and Metal Detection System built into a single framework. This proves to be a popular choice for many industries as it often carries a smaller footprint than the two individual systems would require, whilst also combining the statistics for both metal counts and weight totals into handy shift and batch quantities. Although there are some risks in combining these two systems in potential production downtime, the lower initial costs versus individual systems means there are many Combination Systems retailed each year and plenty already within the field.

Combination Systems typically have two reject bins for segregating metal rejects and incorrect weights from production. In order to further save space these bins can often be found facing each other requiring operator access to both sides of the production line. 

SNB manufacture high quality Combination Systems utilising the leading brands of Metal Detection Search Heads and Checkweigher controllers. All design and manufacturing is done in house with assembly at our Head Office Engineering Facility in Leeds. Key components such as the electrical cabinets are manufactured at our Electrical Facility in Luton, where as the precision machined aluminium components are manufactured at our CNC Workshops in Bathgate. Our industry experienced Service Engineers will take comprehensive measurements from your site when required as part of the process in meeting your requirements. 

We pride ourselves in being able to provide impartial advise when configuring the Combination System. With professional engineering and design recommendations suited specifically to your needs, we are confident we can provide superior combination units and achieve the best results.  

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SNB Combination Systems

At SNB, we a combination of 200 years + experience in working with Combination Systems for the Food Industry. We regularly build combination systems and other new inspection equipment units for our customers at our Head Office in Sherburn In Elmet.

Since the start of trading, SNB Electronics have been supplying combination systems to seamlessly fit into customer’s production lines. SNB have the ability to build bespoke combination systems such as machines with inclined or declined infeed outfeed platforms.

All our newly built Combination Systems come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on labour and parts. We also provide test sticks with certificates of conformity, manuals and a calibration certificate after commissioning.

The Benefits to Combination Systems

A combination system encompasses both a metal detector and checkweigher in one unit. Having a combination unit comes with a variety of benefits:

  • Smaller foot print – shorter overall length compared to two stand-alone units
  • Integrated data set – a combination system reports simultaneously
  • Cost effective – combining the two can be a cheaper option than two separate systems

Rental Combination Systems

If your production line needs a Rental Combination System quickly, we have a variety of branded combination systems in stock across our offices. In order for SNB to select the most suitable system for your products, we will ask for the following details:

  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH and weights)
  • Whether you are working to guidelines (BRC/SALSA/M&S)
  • The Factory Environment

Customers that provide sample products prior to delivery can be provided with information such as maximum pack speeds and guidance relating to test stick sensitivities. On the day of commissioning your SNB Rental, our engineer can show your operators the basics of the rental Combination System.

CASE STUDY – Incline Combination System

Many of our customers have come to SNB with inspection equipment problems that we have turned into solutions.

Recently, we had a customer approach us wanting to build a new line for a relatively small product. The product was being dropped to a low level from a boxing machine already installed in the factory. After meetings and conversations regarding products and the customers’ requirements, SNB built a bespoke inclined combination system with an air blast reject. By adding a settling platform prior to the weigh platform, this allowed the customers product to be weighed accurately.


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