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It is important, for accreditation purposes, that Inspection Equipment is calibrated at least once a year. SNB provide Calibration, Performance Validation and Service contracts that satisfy all major retailer compliance requirements.

As a supplier to the food manufacturing industry, SNB are keen advocates for the prevention of contamination. The support we provide ensures systems and programs on Inspection Equipment are working to declared levels.

At our customer’s request we can provide a ‘Best Sensitivity’ exercise for all site Metal Detection. This is often requested by the retailers with the set up and testing for optimum performance required for each product running down each line. All limiting factors for sensitivity are detailed and recommendations are put forward to further improve results where possible.  See Best Sensitivity Checks for more information.

Performance Validations

SNB can provide either Performance Verification or Calibration Certificates upon the customer’s request. A Performance Validation Certificate is an enhanced form of our standard Calibration Certificate with additional checks on fail-safes specifically in place for Marks & Spenser production.  A Performance Verification Certificate can only be provided when the Inspection Equipment meets this specification and has the following fail-safe equipment functions in full working order;

Calibration & Performance Validation – Equipment and Function Check List

  • Reject mechanism - if present
  • Photogating sensor (Metal Detector only)
  • Lockable bin for rejected products
  • Reject bin full sensor
  • Reject confirmation/ activation sensor
  • Reject override test for pack placement in the event of reject failure
  • Fixed over-belt guard from search head to end of system preventing removal of detected products
  • Controlled re-start after fail-safe activation
  • Reject bin door sensor, monitoring status and lock function
  • Visual/ audible fault alarm
  • Latching fault alarm – not reset by power cycle
  • Pack check sensor – also known as reject check sensor for all product position monitoring
  • Drive roller encoder for use with reject timing and pack check feature

SNB provide System Upgrade Kits compatible with all makes and model of Inspection Equipment that monitor all of the above criteria. For further information please contact a member of our Sales Team.