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We have provided service and calibration for over 20 years to a wide variety of sites across the UK

In addition to the main industries listed separately on our website we also provide products and services to a variety of industries. SNB have current working relationships with manufacturers in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agricultural
  • Textile
  • Aerosol
  • Recycling
  • Pet Food and other Pet goods
  • Consumer Goods – such as Cosmetics and Cleaning Products

And many more…

Our approach is always bespoke which means we can provide tailored services and solutions to any industry that requires Inspection Equipment.

Please contact the SNB Sales Team if you require advice on Inspection Equipment for your specific industry.

The following types of Inspection Equipment are available from SNB;

In-line Metal Detector/ Metal Detector Conveyor System

These systems are typically found near the end of the production process prior to Checkweighing and final outer packaging.

End of Line Bulk Metal Detector

Bulk Metal Detection Systems are commonly placed after the product has been wrapped and the aperture is usually much larger in size. They can also be found on lines supplying bulk product for further processing elsewhere. Lower levels of detection are normally associated to this type of detector due to the larger apertures.

Ferrous In Foil (FIF) Metal Detectors

This type of Metal Detector is only used when products are processed or packaged with Aluminium Foil - such as some Quality Street. Detection of Ferrous or magnetic metals is all that is possible with this type of Metal Detector. Common grades of Stainless Steel and non-Ferrous metals are not detectable.

Pipeline Metal Detectors

Commonly found on fluid applications, this type of Metal Detector returns good sensitivity. Typically of small footprint, these detectors are normally highly mobile for relocating between lines.

Freefall Gravity Metal Detection

Inspection Equipment for use directly underneath hoppers and large container vessels. These search heads often have to work within tight inaccessible confinements. Good quality Metal Detection Equipment is critical here as performance can vary dramatically between brands. 

In-line Checkweigher Systems

As a standalone system, Checkweighers are normally placed after Metal Detectors. Checkweighing is carried out after all processing and packaging is complete. This gives the Checkweigher the ability to calculate accurate totals for batch and shift weights, whilst monitoring that each and every pack falls within the declared weights and tolerances. SNB recommend the use of individual Metal Detection and Checkweigher Systems wherever possible to reduce the risk of production downtime.

Metal Detector Combination Systems

A popular choice for these industries is to combine the Metal Detection and Checkweighing requirements into a single frame, housing both pieces of equipment. Although this nearly always reduces the space required it carries added risk. Should the Checkweigher suffer a failure, production cannot continue under the temporary acceptance of manual weight checks because the Metal Detector is also taken out of operation. Production would either need to cease until the Combination System can be restarted or stockpiled for future Metal Detection prior to dispatch. Both of these outcomes normally carry high cost implications for businesses.


How SNB can aid your Inspection Equipment

SNB have a variety of products and services available to aid all sectors of manufacturing. SNB Electronic Services can provide the following:

  •  New Equipment – We design and build brand new metal detectors, checkweighers and combination systems for production lines
  •  Rental Machinery – SNB has a stock of inspection equipment ready for short or long term hire
  •  24/7 Helpline – Available for our customers to ring outside of office hours
  •  Coverage of Service Calls – With engineers based across our three offices in the UK, we can offer our customers speedy response times
  •  System Upgrades – Upgrade your inspection equipment to improve efficiency and report production levels

For more information on which systems are right for your application, please contact our Sales Team