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Electronics Workshop

Electronics Workshop

SNB Electronic Services have a dedicated Team of Electronic Repair Technicians with over 100 collective years’ experience in electronic repairs at component level

Our Electronics Workshop holds an extensive amount of test rigs for current and earlier versions of Metal Detector. Some Metal Detection Search Heads that are in circulation today are over 40 years old and still meet current requirements. In order for Metal Detection Heads to work to the levels of sensitivity they achieve, they are built with the highest of engineering standards. With no moving parts and robust mechanical designs industrial Metal Detection Search Heads can clearly be seen to stand the test of time.

Renewal and refreshment of the search head electronics is possible at SNB due to an abundance of knowledge and electronic components we carry. Providing the mechanical aspects of the search head have not dilapidated overtime the electronics can be repaired and refreshed to enable these older heads to perform at current sensitivity requirements. 

Our Team of Electronic Repair Technicians have the capability to repair any make/ model of Metal Detector, including current and obsolete brands, which include Safeline, Cintex, Goring Kerr and Loma (to name a few).

If we are unable to repair for any reason we will contact you as soon as possible on diagnosis with alternatives including one of our upgrade options.

Common Problems

  • Water ingress – causes damage to the circuit boards (both physical and electronic), and overtime during harsh clean down the rubber seals perish
  • Battery leakage – on micro processing boards
  • Component failure on power supplies – usually temperature related
  • Operator error - poor handling can damage sensitive electronic devices
  • Extreme environments – excessive temperatures can stress components and cause failure
  • Application hazards - static discharge can damage sensitive electronics. Excessive vibration can loosen heavy components and weaken board mountings leading to potential short circuit

Why use the SNB Electronics Workshop?

  • Fast turnaround of failed electronic boards
  • Detailed explanations of potential reasons of failure, future preventative measures suggested
  • SNB spares stock – refurbished parts/ replacement parts for earlier versions if beyond repair
  • Capabilities to repair early makes/ models of Inspection Equipment
  • Cost effective maintenance for your Metal Detection Systems

Fixing Metal Detectors

Fault finding, diagnosing and fixing your metal detector can all be conducted by SNB workshop engineers.

Customers can send their metal detectors to our Head Office in Sherburn In Elmet for assessment. For those unable to deliver their unit, SNB can collect however this will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

We appreciate taking a metal detector away from a line can disrupt production, that’s why SNB can help by offering a rental unit to keep production flowing.

SNB electronic engineers will assess your metal detector free of charge. Once diagnosed, a member of our team will be in touch regarding the repairs to check you are happy to go ahead prior to works being conducted.

Alternative Metal Detection Solutions

SNB can help provide alternative solutions to aid your metal detection units:

  • Newly built bespoke metal detectors
  • Refurbished rental metal detectors available all year round
  • Regular service and calibration of metal detectors on site
  • System upgrades to keep up to date with retailer specifications
  • Best Sensitivity Reports (BSR) on current metal detectors
  • SME Training to operators and engineers

If you require any further information on our electronic repair service please contact a member of our Sales Team on 01977 689555 or email snb@metaldetector-rentals.co.uk