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South Co Lock and Keys – Large


South Co Lock and Keys (manufacturing part number C5-21-15), are available to purchase from the SNB Electronics online store.

This large black rectangular key locking mechanism is manufactured from zinc alloy and has a head style of ‘Locking without Dust Shutter’. The lock itself is easy to use and pulls the door on a machine tight, without any rubbing or wear on the frame.

SNB customers generally purchase South Co Lock and Keys to attach them to their machines rejection bins.

The product can be fitted to a panel with a thickness of 1-11mm and have a grip of between 1-14mm.

Additionally, the SNB Electronics online store also stocks the small South Co Lock and Keys, manufacturing part number C2-32-25.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 14.48 × 6.86 × 5.59 cm