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Which Metal Detector Would Suit My Products Best?
27th October 2021 by Jess

Many manufactures benefit from using metal detectors. They prevent contaminated food escaping through factory doors and aid businesses in complying with COP’s. However, whether you have bought metal detectors for production lines before or you have never bought a unit, it is crucial that the correct metal detector is chosen for you site. The thought […]

Metal Detection For Metal Packaging
20th October 2021 by Jess

Within the food industry, making sure that the design of the packaging is eye-catching is key to customers purchasing products. Manufacturers tend to use aluminium foils, trays, foiled bags and sachets to package their products. As well as helping with the product design, manufacturers choose foil packaging for a variety of reasons. Aluminium and foil […]

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Metal Detector Training Course
13th October 2021 by Jess

Depending on your customers, you may be asked for your operators and engineers to attend a ‘Subject Matter Expert Training Course’, also known as SME Training. Within an audit, your retailer may ask for evidence of any training records. The records would demonstrate that those involved have an understanding of Metal Detection and other pieces […]

SNB Electronic Services in Partnership with BRCGS
4th October 2021 by Jess

Prepare for your 2022 BRC Audit with SNB Since opening our doors in 1997, SNB have helped customers across the UK to have successful audits that meet codes of practices such as BRCGS. SNB Electronic Services can help your factory prepare with the following products and services. How Can SNB Aid Your Production? Service SNB […]

Metal Detector Rejection Systems
29th September 2021 by Jess

Many manufacturers may look at their current inspection equipment and question whether they have the correct rejection system for their application. It is key to have a rejection system fitted on any inspection equipment as it stops contaminated product continuing on the production line. With so many rejection systems to choose from, it can seem […]

Benefits Of Using An Industrial Checkweigher
22nd September 2021 by Jess

Checkweighers can be an important piece of inspection equipment for manufacturers looking to improve output and quality of a final product. In essence, a checkweigher helps to automate inspection and product weighing in one single unit. When it is set up and all settings are used to their capabilities, it can bring a variety of […]

Metal Detector Service
15th September 2021 by Jess

With codes of practices becoming stricter and quality control being imperative to manufacturing processes, making sure your site has a Metal Detector Service suited to your needs is crucial. Metal Detection is key to allowing your product to leave the factory doors uncontaminated, that’s why having a service contract in place takes high priority. Metal […]

The Importance Of Quality Control In Food Operations
8th September 2021 by Jess

Food manufacturers are constantly dealing with sensitive products that need to follow a quality process before getting to the consumer. Due to the quality control and processes in a factory, it is imperative that each part runs smoothly. One of these key factors is inspection equipment at the final part of the production line. This […]

Renting A Metal Detector from SNB
1st September 2021 by Jess

  As we get closer to the Christmas period, for most manufacturers, this can be their busiest period. The festive season can see production lines running at their highest levels in order to meet the demand of retailer’s customers. For some manufacturers, current production lines may need to be added and amended to meet production […]

Why Should Food Manufacturers Buy A Metal Detector?
25th August 2021 by Jess

From small start-up companies through to international producers, all food manufacturers tend to use various pieces of safety equipment on site. To maintain high levels of safety within their products, food producers place a metal detector or combination system (a metal detector and Checkweigher in one) on their production lines. This blog will look at […]