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Thermo Apex 100

Stock Code - 917
  • Conveyor Length - 2000
  • Machine Handing - Left to Right
  • Manufacturer - Thermo
  • System Type - Metal Detection
  • Reject System - Alarm Belt Stop
  • Finish - Stainless Steel
  • Aperture Width - 550
  • Aperture Height - 350
  • Retailer Code of Practice - Please ask for details for Retailer Codes of Practice requirements

Industrial Metal Detectors now ready to rent from SNB Electronic Services

Built in house at SNB Sherburn in 2021 is stock number #917. This Thermo Apex 100 with an aperture 550mm wide by 350mm high. #917 is a stainless steel finished head that can achieve dual frequency (currently set at 100KHz/ 300KHz). The aperture is constructed onto a stainless steel conveyor that has a height of 850mm and a conveyor length of 2000mm. A blue modular belt runs across the conveyor with a left to right handing. The system has an Alarm belt Stop Reject, also known as Stop On Detect and has standard feet which can be adjusted by 50mm +/-.

If you are looking to rent this system, we require your site to have a 240V 1 phase 16A supply voltage.

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